Three ways to make your outfits more interesting and eye-catching

If you find that the outfits you tend to wear most often are pleasant but a little bit dull, here are some tips that you can employ to make them more interesting and eye-catching.

Mix and match garments from different periods

One effective way to make your outfits more unique and interesting is to mix and match garments from different periods. The clothing made in, for example, the Victorian period will differ greatly from that which is made today, in terms of its cut, style, design features, level of formality and general aesthetic. As such, pairing, for instance, a Victorian vintage blouse with a tailored leather pencil skirt would make for a very eye-catching outfit, due to the striking differences between these two garments. The formal high-collar and delicate frills featured in a typical Victorian blouse would contrast wonderfully with the sleek simplicity of the tailored leather skirt.

Add embellishments to on-trend items

Whilst there is nothing wrong with wearing on-trend clothing, doing so is unlikely to result in your outfits being particularly special or unique-looking. If there are some trendy items that you want to add to your wardrobe, but you still want your outfits to look interesting, then it's worth spending some time adding some embellishments to these new garments.

For example, if velvet blazers are very fashionable at the moment and you have decided to buy one, you could make this outerwear look a bit more unique by removing the existing buttons and replacing them with vintage ones or ones in a colour that contrasts with the colour of the blazer. You should be able to do this task quite quickly and easily, even if you only have very rudimentary sewing skills.

Similarly, if flared midi-skirts are on-trend, you could purchase one and then add a strip of fabric with a funky pattern onto the waistband or the hem of the skirt. This will add some visual interest and uniqueness to an otherwise simple and generic-looking item.

Wear specific types of clothing in ways that they are not designed to be worn

Another way to add a touch of interest to your outfits is to wear certain garments in ways that they are not necessarily designed to be worn. For example, if you have a loose, long blouse, which is supposed to either be left hanging down or tucked into a skirt or pair of jeans, you could twist up the front ends of it to shorten the garment and then tie them in a knot near your midriff. This could transform a rather plain-looking item into a chic cropped blouse. Likewise, if you have a long jersey maxi skirt, you could pull this up to your bust and wear it as a mid-length strapless dress instead.