Featuring the Perfect Body: 3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Competition Bikinis

Picture this: you've worked months, if not years, to get the perfect body, and you're finally comfortable and proud enough to show it all off in a bikini competition. When the time finally comes to strut your stuff on stage, having the right competition bikini can make a huge difference. So much so that many professionals cough up over £3,000 on their competition bikinis. There are a lot of factors and considerations to keep in mind when shopping for one. Here's 3 particularly important factors to consider when looking to buy competition bikinis.

The Cutting and Fit Based on Your Body Shape and Proportion

The cutting and fit of the competition bikini will have tremendous effects on your final look and whether your muscles and body will look enhanced. The right competition bikini can help conceal disproportionate body features. For example, if you have a long waist, you should get the waistline of the bikini bottoms to be adjusted and modified to be slightly higher than usual in order to make your body look more proportionate.

The Bikini Design for Covering Tattoos or Scars

Depending on the type of competition that you have signed up for, tattoos or scars might hinder you from getting the results or look that you want to achieve. Thankfully, different bikini designs can be used to cover various tattoos and scars, so that they don't affect the judges. You should look over the competition guidelines and scoring to determine whether this will even be necessary.

The Fit of the Bikini and Where Additional Adhesives Should Be Added

Don't forget that you're going to be spending the entire day on stage posing in different angles and under the spotlight. This is the last moment when you want something embarrassing to happen. The fit of the bikini may determine the likelihood of a slippage that shows any private regions. When getting custom fitted for a competition bikini, the designer can determine whether any additional adhesives or support need to be added in order to prevent those embarrassing moments from happening.


A good competition bikini can make or break your position in the competition. Look for a bikini that matches your skin tone and has a design that you like. There are plenty of styles and designs to choose from, and there are many places that will customise your competition bikini for you, so that you will feel and look confident when standing on stage.